Give What You Have, Take What You Need-The Little Free Pantry

Hopefully you’ve seen the new Little Free Pantry (LFP) at the back of our parking lot on Institute Rd. The Little Free Pantry is a movement whose purpose is to help neighbors help one another. Anyone (including you) can put something that you have into the LFP at any time of day. And anyone (including you) can take something out of the LFP if you need it. In many ways, it’s a very simple ministry! Give what you have, take what you need without any judgement!
We are always in need of shelf-stable food items to put into the LFP. Some ideas are:
  • canned fruits, veggies, soups and pastas
  • boxes of pasta or packages of Ramen-like noodles
  • sauces, cooking oils
  • packages/cans of tuna, chicken etc.
  • snack items like crackers and cookies

We have seen paper goods, NEW socks & underwear and hygiene products be placed into the LFP and taken out by someone in need.

You are welcome to put things into the LFP at anytime. You don’t need permission! But if you would like to “officially” check on the LFP every now and then (clean up trash, fill it up if needed) you can get in touch with Jena Hill. She’ll sign you up for a day or two!

If you are able to make a financial donation to the LFP, that would be appreciated too! Talk to Jena Hill if you have any questions or want to get involved.