Updated! Alzheimer’s And Related Dementia Walk For Kathy’s Crew!

Update:…Together we collected $975.00!!

Thank You For Caring!  A heart felt thank you to everyone who made a donation toward “Kathy’s Crew” and the Alzheimer’s Walk that took place this past Sunday, September 24.    This money will go toward the care and support of Alzheimer’s patients as well as for research of this horrible disease.  Jo Alexopoulos and I visited Kathy the Friday before the walk.  When we told her how much money had been raised for “Kathy’s Crew”, her eyes lit up in amazement! Thank you all so much for caring.

 – Merrie Gerber


Merrie Gerber and Jo Alexopoulos will be walking in the Worcester Alzheimer’s walk on September 24 to honor our friend and fellow parishioner, Kathy Wedemeyer.

Merrie and Jo are asking for your financial support to help advance Alzheimers care and research.  If you’ve been touched by this disease and wish to help, Jo and Merrie would be very appreciative.  Support this worthy cause and be a part of Kathy’s Crew!

Donations can be made on line at act.alz.org.  Then, find a walk near you (Worcester) and then find a team (Kathy’s Crew).  FYI:  This process should be done on a computer, not a phone.  Donations can also be given to either Jo or Merrie.