Awesomeness of the week – 4/14: Lori Doyle

Lori is a super-organized wonder woman!  She’s a quilter, a knitter, a baker and a cook and she does it all for others. Who else owns containers that hold 25lbs of flour?! Lori is the Faith In Action Cabinet Chair which is a great fit for her because she truly does put her faith into action by serving others.  She organizes the Tabatha Circle, a group of worker bees in the church.  Most recently, Lori spent lots and lots of time and energy making soup and biscuits to sell all day at the Bach-A-Thon and after worship the following day.  The proceeds went to the Preschool.  We’re so grateful for all of the ways that Lori serves and gives of herself here at Trinity.  Thank you Lori!