Awesomeness of the week! Winter Basketball League Organizers

Jake Schur and Ellie Gilmore
Winter Basketball League Organizers

Jake Schur is a Trinity member. Ellie Gilmore is a community organizer from Worcester Common Ground (a Community Development Corporation). Together, Jake and Ellie worked together to make the 2019 Winter Basketball League come together. From communicating with all the players and their families, coordinating coaches and referees, practice times, Saturday morning games and breakfast and even starting a pickup basketball game on Thursday nights for the referees…these two made the 2019 Winter Basketball League a success!


They didn’t work alone though!  Every Saturday, Katie Schur, Joel & Loret Schur, Tim & Jen O’Connor and Brett and Jeannie Krill came to prepare and serve breakfast or keep score during the games.  Mary & Thom Tarqunio, Tim O’Connor. Dana Nyberg, Nina Behm, Katherine Duffy, Kate Anderson, Maggie and Tim and their boys, PJ, Finn and Gabe came when they could to help in the kitchen, to play games or to greet people as they were coming and going.

Thank you to all who participated and woke up early on Saturdays to be a part of such an awesome Trinity ministry!