Book Club Connects to Faith In Action Opportunity

The Trinity non-fiction group met in September and discussed “Kisses From Kate.” This book demonstrates God’s Work, Our Hands through the real-life story of a young American woman’s work in Uganda with children in need. Here in the US, we often think that we “need” things but our needs pale in comparison to the basic human needs of the little ones we read about in the book-food, a bath, a bed, education, medical care, love.  In response to Jesus’ call to love one another, and the example of love we experienced in this book, we (the book club participants) decided to find a need in the Worcester community to which we can contribute. We have chosen to collect money for Kids Express, a meal and ministry program at Concordia Lutheran Church. Trinity will be providing the meal on Friday, October 22 and a few other times throughout the year. We would like to provide something extra for these children, a treat of some kind that they can take home with them. Please contact Katherine Duffy or Beth Getman to participate or make a donation to this ministry!