Choose a Star Word for Epiphany

At the New Year, many people choose a word for the year in lieu of or in addition to New Year’s Resolutions. Those words help people to focus and create positive change for the year. This year for Epiphany, Trinity families have received Star Words via snail mail, paper stars with one word or phrase written on them. Star Words are a spiritual approach to words of the year and are linked to Epiphany.

At Epiphany, we commemorate the Magi, seeing a star and bringing gifts to Jesus. In a similar way, each of us is on a faith journey, trusting, seeking  and wondering. We know that we have received many gifts from God and that in return we can offer our gifts back to the Lord. Star Words are a gift!

You can have a Star Word too! If you want your word to be random, choose a number between 1 and 120. CLICK HERE to see a list of words. Match your number with the number on the list and you have your Star Word for the year. Or, you are welcome to choose a Star Word that you like from the same list.

Cut out a star shape. If you’re feeling crafty, decorate it and write your Star Word on it. Place it somewhere you will see it daily. Use your Star Word to remind you to focus and watch for signs from God, to see how Jesus is alive in your life. God is always with us even when we don’t notice. Use your Star Word as an opportunity to reflect on what God might be saying to you through this word for the next year. Ponder its meaning, notice how often the word pops up in your life for the next 12 months.

A Prayer borrowed from

God, we acknowledge that we are not always ready to receive your best gifts for us. You have given us an epiphany word in order that our searching will bring us to you. It is often our habit to turn aside, stumble over, or even reject experiences and encounters that we later understand to have been precious gifts. Help us to be open to the gift that you offer us now through our star words. We acknowledge that we do not fully understand what this word might mean for our faith, but we receive it from you with gratitude and pray that your Spirit will enable us to live into our word with intention and faithfulness. Amen.