Commitment Sunday on October 22nd

This is an opportunity for members of Trinity to make a commitment as to what they will offer to God’s work through Trinity, the New England Synod, the ELCA and beyond. Commitment cards will be distributed, completed and dedicated on that Sunday at both liturgies.

Commitments are important.

It has been said that those who do not set goals or make commitments will most certainly meet them. Making commitments by completing a commitment card not only helps the church make good stewardship decisions based on a reasonable expectation of its income, but being conscious about what we will return to God for the ministries of the church is also a spiritual discipline.

This year’s stewardship theme is “Received from God. Shared with the world.” How will Trinity’s people commit to sharing the rich blessings we have received from God with a world of need, and with a community and a world that desperately need to hear the good news of the gospel proclaimed?

We are all encouraged to begin now to give prayerful consideration to what our response will be and to plan to be present on Commitment Sunday to declare our response.