Congratulations Graduates

The graduating class of 2020 has much to celebrate and will have interesting stories to tell of graduating during a pandemic. Because of the restrictions on gathering, none of the graduates have been or will be able to participate in the “usual” rites of passage that happen in their senior years of high school, college or receiving advanced degrees. If you would like to congratulate or send a card to any of the graduates listed below, please contact Jena Hill at to receive their contact info.  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR GRADUATES WHO HAVE WORKED SO HARD! WE WISH YOU LUCK ON THE NEXT LEG OF YOUR JOURNEY!

High School Graduating Class of 2020 College Graduates of 2020
Vinny Eovacious Turner Geenty
Morgan Gingras Christopher Mahan
Max Guertin Kaylee Mahan
Erik Olson Ryan Mahan
Ana Ranese Brendan Olson
Edward VanCorbach
Carl Underkoffler