Elm Park Ministries Day Camp is coming soon!

This year, more than 30 counselors from Calumet have requested to come to Worcester!

You might remember one of our counselors from the previous two years named Jason (the one from Ireland)?  He isn’t working for Calumet this summer but a couple weeks ago he reached out to say that he misses Worcester and that his family has agreed that he should come to the US just to be a part of EPMDC.  We’ve worked it out so that Jason will be our Head Counselor this year!

He has a great group of counselors (about 12 of them) who are coming from Calumet to Worcester to work at EPMDC.  Becca who was our Head Counselor last summer is going to be a Program Director for usShe’s taking time off of her job in graphic design to be with us.

We’re really excited to have such a strong group of leaders coming to Trinity this summer.

Sign up in the hallway to sponsor a meal for the counselors this summer!