Forever Faithful Campaign


 While this adage is an important benchmark for corn crops, it also applies to our Forever Faithful Debt Reduction Campaign.   When we last tallied the pledges and gifts (at the end of June), we had received pledges and gifts totaling $305,300 from 43 of our pledge units.  With an overall objective of raising the $700,000 needed to retire our loan, the gift total to-date satisfies the “knee-high” mark!  Thank you!

There is obviously more work to do.  In the coming weeks, the Steering Committee has a few plans including: mailing the Forever Faithful envelope packets to those folks who haven’t yet picked them up at church; following up with members who haven’t yet returned their pledge cards; and soliciting gifts from our vendors and business associates.  We also wish to expand our outreach to the numerous “friends of Trinity” who may no longer be members but retain ties to Trinity.  If you have any suggestions for how best to locate these folks, let us know. The Steering Committee has also discussed maintaining an active presence on social media to increase awareness about the campaign and would welcome your ideas and suggestions there as well.

Suggestions may be directed to any of the members of the Steering Committee (Kevin Erkkila, Carol Hartz, Joel Schur, Loret Schur, or Jessica Sutherland).