Forever Faithful Campaign is Off to a Roaring Start

The Forever Faithful Debt Reduction Campaign’s goal is to raise $700,000 over the next three years so that the construction loan from the ELCA’s Mission Investment Fund can be retired earlier than its scheduled 20-year term.  Trinity’s ministries will benefit because of the interest that will be saved if we are able to pay-off the loan.

The kick-off for the Forever Faithful campaign was conducted on Sunday, June 3.  Pr. Nathan reprised the theme from his Pentecost sermon regarding the “holy commotion” created among the believers in the early Church after the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples.  Trinity has been entirely wrapped up in this “holy commotion” through the years and years of faithful ministry and in the countless ways that we continue to serve our neighbors here in Worcester.

At the Adult Forum, members of the Forever Faithful Steering Committee recounted the history of the Restoring+Renewing+Rejoicing Capital Campaign, discussed the construction projects and the financing options.  The remainder of the session was used to answer questions.

The Forever Faithful campaign packets were distributed. If you were not present, you should have received your packet in the mail.  If not, please contact us or alternatively, you will find the materials on our website (

The Forever Faithful campaign’s kick-off luncheon was well-attended.  Our guest speaker was Frank Kartheiser from Worcester Interfaith who thanked Trinity for its continued partnership in the Gospel.  Cantor Mark Mummert led the group in singing the “Forever Faithful” call and response that we also sang at this year’s Easter Vigil.  The Steering Committee then gave some information on the renovations and repair projects and then explained the elements of the Forever Faithful campaign.  This was followed by a question and answer period.

Commitment Sunday followed on June 10 with the aim of gathering all of the pledges by July 1 (the official start of the Forever Faithful campaign). Pastor Nathan also had a rousing sermon on a HOLY COMMOTION… if you missed it click to go read it! As of June 17, we had received $297,550 in pledges and gifts (42.5% of our goal).  This is a fantastic start!  We are confident that with God’s help, our goal is attainable if we all work together!

Campaign envelopes will be available before July1. Electronic giving is also available on the website.  Please contact our Treasurer, Scott Baeder, for more details.

Questions may be directed to any of the members of the Steering Committee (Kevin Erkkila, Carol Hartz, Joel Schur, Loret Schur, or Jessica Sutherland).