From Jason Brophy, Elm Park Ministries Day Camp Counselor

As many people know we have started and finished our two weeks of Elm Park Ministries day camp here at Trinity. For those of you who don’t know what urban day camp is, it’s two weeks of energetic, magical, chaos that takes part here at Trinity with various state parks as our field trips. Worcester day camp means an incredible amount to me and all the other counsellors here, so much so that the only reason I returned to Calumet was to be able to come here and do it all over again.


If I was to list all the reasons why we love it so much we would be here until next Sunday. But to list a few, the variety of the children that we get is brilliant; we have children from the Congo, children from Syria and some from right here from Trinity.  This is due to Elm Park Ministries day camp also being connected to Ascentria, which means a percentage of the children that come to day camp are refugees, or come from other backgrounds, meaning that they may not have basic living standards. Watching these children have experiences that they would not usually be able to have warms my heart like nothing else.


Seeing and enabling these children to have what might be the best two weeks of the year is something that keeps bringing us all back each year. The children teach us many things about ourselves including Bob, one of our camp directors, who learnt a traditional African dance-game, which had truly hilarious outcomes.


As someone who isn’t particularly emotional, last year when the children from Ascentria were leaving there was tears streaming my face and yes of course Jena got a video of it. However, it really did feel like a bit of my heart had went with them.


Another beautiful sight was to see all of the children, regardless of background, all become friends over the two short weeks that we had spent. And I think it shows a perfect light to how it’s not our possessions, or what we have that matters, but the people we want to be.


The children every year may change, from Heritier to Gregore, but what makes day camp so special and unique does not. If anyone has ever seen the children of day camp, you’ll know from morning to 5:30 p.m., there is a bright smile that doesn’t leave them and we hope, neither do the memories.


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This Sunday

Sunday, August 20, 2017
Time after Pentecost 

Throughout history, countless stories have portrayed the foreign woman as the primary source of trouble. In the gospel reading for this coming Sunday, a foreign woman argues her case before Jesus, but in the end she is blessed. Come to hear this interesting story, and join us for mercy at the Master’s table.

Readings: (click readings to view)
Isaiah 56:1,6-8
Romans 11:1-2a,29-32
Matthew 15:[10-20],21-28
Psalm 67

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