Helping to Resettle Afghan Families

Many of us at Trinity are wondering how we can help resettle Afghan families coming to the United States. Ascentria Care AllianceĀ  has been in touch and they are getting ready to resettle Afghan families throughout Western and Central Massachusetts, as well as the Concord, New Hampshire area. Your help is needed to ensure that they have the resources they need to access legal aid, housing, and living essentials.

Help us find housingĀ  The scarcity of affordable housing in many cities and towns presents a major barrier to resettling Afghans in New England. Ascentria is looking for short and long-term housing within a 100-mile radius of West Springfield, MA, and within a 100-mile radius of Concord, NH. This could include available, affordable apartments, secondary or vacation homes, accessory dwelling units, and more. They are open to creative housing solutions.

Donate The last four years of dramatically increased restrictions and reduced refugee admissions have left many agencies with inadequate staffing due to reduced federal funding. Ascentria is gradually rebuilding, but funding is scarce and so it is a slower process than they would like. Afghan families and individuals being resettled in Massachusetts and New Hampshire need financial assistance to cover living essentials, legal aid, and help pay for long-term housing. A major challenge for resettled Afghan entrants, regardless of immigration status at entry, is accessing affordable legal services. The cost of legal services is a burden recent arrivals typically must bear on their own. Please consider donating to help them access vital resources. DONATE HERE

If you have any ideas or want to brainstorm solutions to help Ascentria help Afghan families, please get in touch with Jena Hill