Gatherings for Worship Remain Suspended until at least June 8. Church Office and Building are Closed.

Gatherings for worship remain suspended through at least June 8 and the church office and building remain closed by unanimous decision of the Congregational Council on Monday, May 18, 2020.  No Sunday liturgies will be held in the building May 24, 31, or June 7 and no Wednesday liturgies will be held in the building on May 20, 27, and June 3.  The office and building will remain closed to members and outside groups during this time, though staff will be working in the building on limited and various schedules.

The Council considered guidance by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker that houses of worship may open on May 18, but members expressed a desire to remain cautious and take a slow approach due to the ongoing threat posed by the coronavirus to the health of the Trinity membership, especially to our large population over the age of 65. Council members also expressed an appreciation for the option of online and television worship prepared by the Ministry Staff and TV Ministry Team and voted to direct a $5,000 donation received by a member to the Television Equipment Fund for the purchase of new television cameras.  All members are encouraged to continue using these online and television worship materials for home worship.

At its next meeting on Monday, June 8, the Council will consider moving into Phase 2 “Cautious” phase of reopening as outlined in the “Phased Reopening” document presented by the Ministry Staff.   Activities for consideration at that meeting will include a prayer service in the Nave, opening the Church Office on a part-time basis, and opening the building for some staff-directed congregational activities.

The Council acknowledged the sober reality that when we return to a form of in-person worship it will look different than we have known. Due to the highly contagious nature of singing, it is unlikely we will be able to sing together.  Current guidance offered by Governor Baker for houses of worship requires all attendees to wear masks/face coverings, remain physically distanced, and prohibits fellowship gatherings immediately prior to and following worship.

Nevertheless, through all of this, we remain a community of faith and prayer.  The Church, as the living body of Christ, remains open, active and alive as members continue to engage in online worship, bible study, and fellowship opportunities, check in on one another with phone calls and cards, and support the congregation financially.

For additional information, to answer questions, or if you would like to share any concerns, please contact Pastor Nathan Pipho or Council President Nancy Fontneau.  May God continue to bless all members and friends of Trinity with health, safety, and well-being.