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This Sunday

Sunday, June 25, 2017
Time after Pentecost 

In the gospel reading for this coming Sunday, Jesus says several surprising things: that he has come to bring, not peace, but a sword; and that followers must love him more than they love their own family members. Come to worship to meditate on what these sayings might mean, and at the table, be strengthened to live the surprising life of the Christian.

Readings: (click readings to view)
Jeremiah 20:7-13
Romans 6:1b-11
Matthew 10:24-39
Psalm 69:7-10

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Learn & Grow

Gathering is what Christians do. It’s what turns individuals from Holden and Holyoke, Worcester and Whitinsville into a community of faith, gathered in the name of the Holy Trinity.  The church gathers not only for acts of worship, but for important life passages and experiences that help to stretch and transform each of us from the inside-out.  The church gathers to help ordinary people discover their new identity as disciples of Jesus Christ.


A faithful life is one lived in constant formation, being shaped into the people the God intends.  This journey stretches from birth to death, and part of the blessing of community is that none of us has to make the journey alone.  A faithful life is marked by powerful passages, Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, Affirmation of Baptism, a unique calling from God, and sometimes marriage and raising children.  This life is lived in the freedom that comes from God’s forgiveness, and in the promise that even in sickness, old age and death that the gift of life can’t be taken from us forever.


A faithful life is also shaped by mutual conversation and supportive relationships, studying the bible with others and alone, taking part in classes, and engaging with core beliefs of the church, taking part in retreats, and spending time in prayer.  The people of Trinity Lutheran Church have pledged to take this journey together, to learn and grow and be formed as disciples by God’s Holy Spirit.


Becoming a disciple is radical and it changes our lives.  Christians are called to love the way God loves. Crazy, risky, dangerous, world-upsetting, life-changing, seed-planting love. We are challenged to trust that the only thing that belongs on a poster that begins “God Hates…” are the words “…posters that claim that God is not Love.” When we are tempted to fill in some group of people, we have failed as followers of Jesus. For when we look to Jesus, whose Cross informs our best understanding of God, we see no hate. Only forgiveness, mercy and love are offered to meet the hate of the world.