LIFE TRANSITIONS SERIES continues on September 29

LIFE TRANSITIONS SERIES—Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Families to be held on September 29 and October 27 at 11:45 a.m. in the library.

The first session on August 25 had a speaker Cali Miller, from CommunityHELP (Health and Everyday Living Programs) will explain and educate us on how to locate community resources, such as transportation, legal help, housing and much more, through this online directory.  CommunityHELP enables individuals to find and apply for government and charitable social service programs.  Health care providers can also “prescribe” services to a patient by using CommunityHELP to send a direct referral on behalf of the patient.

The next one will be on September 29.  The topics will range from:  How to find community resources when they are needed; Communicating your end of life wishes clearly to your family/responsible party; Funeral planning; Advance financial planning; Stewardship and legacy giving.  These are not always topics that we are eager to discuss, but are necessary as we begin to transition from one phase of our lives to another.

The final session on October 27 will emphasize our legacy, what we leave behind when we pass on.  We all leave a legacy so we and our loved ones might as well be prepared.  Plan to attend the session on October 27 for a discussion of options and suggestions concerning our legacy and how we can do our best for ourselves, our families and our church.  We should each leave a legacy worthy of our faith.  That’s responsible stewardship.