Podcasts, Movies & Documentaries for Black History Month

If you are someone who learns best by seeing or hearing, Jena Hill has some recommendations for movies, documentaries and podcasts to tune in to for Black History Month. Listen to perspectives that are different than your own. Hear and watch the stories that will challenge you to think and reflect. Confront your privilege and be changed by what you might discover or learn. Engage in conversation! If you have any of your own recommendations, let Jena know by emailing her at jhill@trinityworc.org


White Savior: Racism in the American Church This documentary includes all of the videos that accompanied the Dialogues on Race conversation. If you would like a copy of the Dialogues on Race book to accompany the documentary, let a member of the ministry staff know. It “explores the historic relationship between racism and American Christianity, the ongoing segregation of the church in the US, and the complexities of racial reconciliation.” White Savior is available to stream for free for Amazon Prime subscribers HERE.

The Hate You Give is a movie based on the book with the same name. The story is about “a black teen who witnesses the fatal police shooting of a close friend. Like the acclaimed novel, the movie deals frankly and powerfully with race and racism. It also addresses the tension between the police and the communities they’re supposed to serve and protect and the differences between teens growing up in predominantly African American neighborhoods and those from affluent white neighborhoods.” Available on Hulu or to rent for $3.99 on Amazon HERE. *Please note that this book and movie have been banned in some school districts. 

Just Mercy “Based on the bestselling book, the Just Mercy movie presents the unforgettable story of Bryan Stevenson and the case of Walter McMillian, who was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. Just Mercy takes us inside America’s broken criminal justice system and compels us to confront inequality and injustice.” Available for free on HBOMax. Check your streaming services to see if it’s available.


Nice White Parents: A podcast about how “nice white parents” can become obstacles in integrated schools. The series dives deep into a New York City school’s experience. It challenges each of us to consider how our ideas about what is “right” or “best” for children and schools might not be helpful. Listen on your favorite streaming/podcast app or online HERE.

Code Switch: each episode talks about race and how it impacts and affects every part of society from politics to sports and everything in between. Listen HERE.

School Colors “is a documentary that follows generations of parents and educators fighting for educational equity in Central Brooklyn. As the hosts tackle topics like gentrification and charter schools, School Colors reveals how race, class, and power heavily impact the quality of education Black students are able to receive.” Listen HERE.