Rainbow Flag to be displayed at Trinity

Rainbow Flag to be displayed during the month of June and during Worcester Pride in September …

Seven years ago, at a Special Congregational Meeting of Trinity Church held on Sunday, May 22, 2011, the congregation overwhelming approved with 91% voting in favor (154 to 15), a welcome statement welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons into the ministry of Trinity Church.  This vote was held after a season of intentional conversation, prayer, and study.  Adoption of the welcome statement paved the way for Trinity Church to be recognized as a “Reconciling-in-Christ” Congregation in intentional ministry with LGBT persons.

 Living out the 2011 decision of the congregation, at its June 11, 2018 meeting, in a unanimous decision, the Congregational Council authorized the flying of the Rainbow Flag on the church sign at the corner of Lancaster and Salisbury Streets during the month of June and during other local Worcester Pride Celebrations – including Worcester Pride in September.

The Council passed this as a Continuing Resolution so that the flag will be flown each June and September going forward as a sign of Christ’s love that includes LGBT persons and extends to all.

If you have any questions about this decision, please speak with Pastor Nathan or Council President Thom Tarquinio.