T.E.C: Farewell Wishes to Pastor Susan:

It is with mixed emotions that we received the news of the retirement of Pastor Susan from Trinity Lutheran Church.

She was committed to helping us establish The T.E.C. School at Trinity. From the very first moment that I met her, I knew that both of us held a shared vision for our school. Pastor Susan was invested in our success and always stopped by to check on the progress of the school, to talk to our students and share her enthusiasm about learning. She will be greatly missed by students and staff alike.






Our students composed the following poem to honor Pastor Susan. They recited the poem and sang the song, Simple Gifts, to her.

Pastor Susan blessed our school, the students and the teachers. She talked about her plans to move to South Dakota where she will take care of her mother. The children had a wonderful time discussing Pastor Susan’s accomplishments in the church and her journey as a pastor.




When you come to mind,

We recall you are kind.

Because you’re so giving,

In our hearts, you’ll be living.

You are certainly gracious,

To help our school be so spacious.

You’re such a sweet friend,

We hope to meet again.

You may be far away,

But may God bless you everyday.