Jena (Hardy) Hill

Minister of Youth, Families and Outreach

Welcome from Jena!

Welcome to Trinity! I would love to talk to you about how God is at work in your life and I’d love to tell you about the crazy ways that God has worked in my life too! I am passionate about helping children, teens and families connect more deeply to their faith in new ways!  We are a church FULL of people, passion and potential and we’re always looking for more opportunities to share God’s love with our community!  I hope you join us for worship or fellowship sometime!


About Jena

Jena is Minister of Youth, Family, and Outreach.  She coordinates the educational, learning and fellowship opportunities for Trinity’s children of all ages and their families through Sunday School, Confirmation, Youth Group and Elm Park Ministries Day Camp.  She is eager for new ideas and ways of doing ministry and is always happy to spend time talking to people about the modern day challenges of having to balance work, family and faith.

Jena uses exclamation points excessively because she is always excited to interact, brainstorm and communicate with people!  She grew up in a log cabin in the woods in North Central MA, on the border of NH where she learned to love coffee, nature, road trips and books and was a self-proclaimed “church geek” even as a teenager!  When she gets the chance, Jena loves to combine her passion for travel with The Church!  She spent a year as a missionary in the UK through the ELCA’s YAGM program, traveled around the New England Synod helping to facilitate  workshops for other churches and has served as a congregational coach.

Jena has been on staff at Trinity since August of 2016.  Before that, she was an educator at an alternative high school here in Worcester.  Since 2012, Jena has spent her summers working for Camp Calumet as one of the Directors of Elm Park Ministries Day Camp.  She can’t wait to see how Trinity continues to live out it’s call to do ministry and is grateful to be a part of that!