Trinity Phased Reopening Plan


At its May 18, 2020 meeting, the Congregational Council discussed a Phased Reopening Plan presented by the Ministry Staff modeled on the Four Phases of reopening Massachusetts presented by Governor Charlie Baker.

The Trinity Lutheran Church Phased Reopening Plan is available at this Link.

The Council considers Trinity Church in Phase 1 “Start” until at least its next meeting on Monday, June 8th.  In this phase congregational worship, study, and fellowship remains at home and physically distanced with the church office and building remaining closed to the public.  At its next meeting the Council will discern whether we are ready to move to Phase 2 “Cautious.”  In the second phase  a prerecorded Service of the Word broadcast on the Trinity website and local cable channels will remain the primary worship assembly of the congregation, while at the same time consideration is given to a spoken prayer service in the Nave following current public health guidance to congregations that all attendees wear masks and remain physically distanced. The church office may open on a limited and part-time basis following all safety protocols for businesses in the second phase with limited staff-directed programming resuming in the building.  The Council will give consideration to celebrating the Eucharist in Phase 3 at some point later this summer.

The Council is in consensus that for the sake of our elderly and most at-risk members Trinity will take a slow and cautious approach to reopening and resuming public life.  For reference, Bishop James Hazelwood of the New England Synod has encouraged Synod congregations to wait until at least July 1 to consider returning to indoor, in-person worship.

Even though for a time the Church has left the building, the Church as the body of Christ and people of God remains open, active, and alive.  In that sense, the Church has never been closed and does not to “reopen.” Alive in the Christ through the Holy Spirit, may the Church continue to worship, pray, study, fellowship, and serve.

For more information, please speak with Pastor Nathan Pipho or Council President Nancy Fontneau.