Wednesday Evening Prayer Online

Beginning Wednesday, March 18 until further notice, sung Evening Prayer will be available online at 6:00 p.m. each Wednesday. This sung prayer is in the style of Holden Village and composed by Marty Haugen. Cantor Mark Mummert will lead the service of prayer, scripture, song, and meditation. The live feed will be available as Facebook Live Event, which is available to everyone, whether you are have a Facebook account or not.

To download your own copy of the service to print at home or view on your computer or device, click HERE

If you have a Facebook account, find the TLC page and click on EVENTS. Find the “Lenten Evening Prayer Online Live” and click GOING. You will be notified when the 6pm live feed begins.

If you do not have a Facebook account: go to this LINK and click GOING.

[We are making a good faith attempt at this new way of worshipping during the pandemic. If there are bumps and bugs along the way, we will try to work things out for all who desire to gather in this manner. If you are having a problem connecting, please contact Cantor Mark Mummert at 713-256-5980 or]