Sending Youth to Houston and Calumet!

THIS Sunday, we will be sending off the nine youth and two adults who are going to Houston for the National Gathering where they will join approximately 30,000 other youth from all over the country for worship, service, learning and fellowship.    We’re looking for prayer partners for the duration of our trip.  Our group departs on Tuesday, June 26th and returns on Monday, July 2nd.   Check the display in the hallway outside Jeppson to sign up! 

We’re also going to be sending Max Guertin off to be a CIT at Camp Calumet where he will be training for six weeks.  During that time, it would be great if we could rally around him, pray for him and keep in touch with him.  Six weeks is a long time to be away!  In the hallway, sign up to send Max a letter, a postcard or a package with goodies.