Water & Spirit: Video Blog Lenten Devotion



Lent began in the church as a forty-day time of preparation for baptism at Easter. Those who were to be baptized were taught the meaning of baptism and the Christian life. The assigned bible readings during Lent are primarily about baptism and the covenant God makes with us in the sacrament.

So as to move together through Lent in baptismal renewal, all are invited to engage the devotional book, Water & Spirit. Each day, the book offers a bible reading, and reflection, and a prayer. Copies of the book in both standard and large-print sizes are available at the entrance to the Nave. You can also purchase a copy or a digital copy for Kindle on Amazon.

Our congregation supplements the devotion with a video blog of reflections each day of Lent (no Sundays, because Sundays are not counted in Lent!) offered by the ministry staff and members of the congregation. You can find the video devotions here at this website, on Facebook (www.facebook.com/tlcworcester), or on YouTube (www.youtube.com/@trinityworcester)