Worship this Sunday

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    In lieu of gathering together for communal worship, the Ministry Staff and Television Team invite you to join them online for a pre-recorded Service of the Word available on Sunday morning by 8:00am. Click here to view the service online  https://vimeo.com/trinityworcester.

    PDF bulletins will be emailed to the congregation and will be posted in the News and Updates section of the Trinity website for those who wish to follow along at home. This content will be updated weekly to include scriptures assigned for each Sunday, a sermon by Pastor Nathan, prayers, hymns and other music played by Cantor Mark.

    Also, watch for more information about a Zoom Coffee Hour on Sundays at 11:15 a.m. as an opportunity for members to check-in with one another. Click here to get details about Zoom Coffee Hour http://trinityworc.org/sunday-coffee-hour-online-really/


    Matthew 21:1-11 Jesus enters Jerusalem

    Philippians 2:5-11 Humbled to the point of death on a cross

    Matthew 26:14—27:66 The passion of the Lord

    Hymn of the Day: Hymn 351O Sacred Head, Now Wounded, HERZLICH TUT MICH VERLANGEN

    To grasp something fully, we need to look at both sides. This coming Sunday is both Palm Sunday and the Sunday of the Passion. We join in the joy of the palm procession, and we gather in sorrow at the foot of the cross. Watch and see: we sing both “Hosanna!” and “Lord, have mercy upon us.”

Whether you are a life-long Christian or beginning to explore spirituality for the first time, you are welcome at Trinity Lutheran Church. We are committed to God through prayer and service to our neighbor, proclaiming God’s grace, mercy and peace to a world in need.

As you browse this site, God give you strength, hope and joy in Christ Jesus for the living of these days.