This Sunday

Event Information:

  • Sun

    Time after Pentecost

    8 a.m. – Holy Eucharist (Christ Chapel)

    10 a.m. – Holy Eucharist (Nave)

    Ezekiel 17:22-24 The sign of the cedar
    2 Corinthians 5:6-10 [11-13] 14-17 In Christ, a new creation
    Mark 4:26-34 The parable of the mustard seed
    Psalmody: Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15 The righteous shall spread abroad like a cedar of Lebanon (Ps. 92:12)
    Hymn of the Day: Hymn 679, For the Fruit of All Creation, AR HYD Y NOS

    This coming Sunday we hear a reference to the cosmic tree of life in which all the birds of the air are nesting. Yet what we gather around is the cross of Christ. Come be a bird on this tree.

Whether you are a life-long Christian or beginning to explore spirituality for the first time, you are welcome at Trinity Lutheran Church. We are committed to God through prayer and service to our neighbor, proclaiming God’s grace, mercy and peace to a world in need.

As you browse this site, God give you strength, hope and joy in Christ Jesus for the living of these days.