Coffee and C.A.T. with the Council – Sundays in May

The Congregational Council will be hosting coffee and conversation in Jeppson Hall immediately following the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist on Sundays in May.  Council members will offer a brief presentation on the results of the CAT survey taken in February and will be available for conversation and questions about the survey. For an initial report from the Council click HERE. 

Topic for Sunday, May 15: Drivers of Energy, Satisfaction, Critical Success Factors and Purpose

Drivers of Satisfaction measure the overall level of satisfaction in our church. Drivers are unique to each congregation. We focus on governance, engagement and communication. The #1 driver question “In important decisions in our church, adequate opportunity for consideration of different approaches is usually provided.”

Drivers of Energy measure the level of excitement in the church. We focus on governance and clergy leadership. The #1 energy question “The leaders of our church show a genuine concern to know what people are thinking when decisions need to be made.”  In comparison to the 2016 survey, we show positive growth in areas of Satisfaction, Energy and Flexibility. We have shifted from a Recovery stage (low energy/low satisfaction) to a Transitional stage indicating readiness for growth and change.

Critical Success Factors can be described as an unfulfilled longing among members regarding an element of the church’s ministry. Critical success factors identify areas of importance that need urgent attention. Engaging members of the congregation, communicating and collaborating in decision making is of high importance. Leaders of our church being representative of the membership and showing a genuine concern to know what people are thinking is of high importance. The role of our Pastors in articulating a clear vision for our church, bringing out the best in everyone and making things happen are identified as important.

Finding Our Purpose/Why is the most significant area we are encouraged to explore. Understanding what our Drivers of satisfaction, energy and critical success factors say about us can help us to discern our Purpose/Why as a congregation.

Please come to Coffee & CAT with the Council in Jeppson Hall 11:15-12:15 to learn more about Drivers of Satisfaction, Energy and Critical Success factors. Karen Couturier will give a short presentation followed by time for coffee and conversation with Council members.

In previous weeks, we learned about our top 3 Priorities in the CAT and how we’re doing according to the eight Performance indices (hospitality, morale, conflict management, governance, education, spiritual vitality, worship and music, readiness for ministry).

Please speak with a member of the Council if you have any questions about the CAT.