Awesomeness of the Week

These are the people that make Trinity work!

Beth and Training Worship Servers

On Sunday mornings, it might appear as though everyone involved in worship knows where to go and what to do. But what’s really going on behind the scenes is a lot of organization in order to make that happen! Beth Axelson is one of our Trinity members who helps train new people involved in serving and ensures that things flow smoothly on Sunday mornings. This past Sunday, Beth and Matthew worked together so that he […]

Hospice Quilting

Trinity has a dedicated group of quilters who gather regularly to make quilts for a Hospice program. Recently, everyone had a chance to design quilt tops that would later be stitched together by the people who know how to sew. What an awesome community project that people of all ages and abilities could participate in! Thank you to Lori Doyle for her leadership and for the rest of the “usual” quilting people who made it […]

Valentine’s Day with the Preschool

On February 13th, some Trinity people got together to throw a Valentine’s Day party for our Preschool students. With the help of all the adults, the children were able to make hats and necklaces and they played a fun game of “Pin the heart on the bee.” Each of the children decorated a picture frame so that their pictures could go in them before decorating and enjoying cupcakes. The Preschool is an awesome ministry of […]

Senior Luncheon

An awesome new thing has started at Trinity Lutheran Church… a monthly fellowship and lunch opportunity called the “Trinity Senior Luncheon!” This past Monday was the second luncheon held and more than 20 people came for fellowship and a simple meal.  They played games, colored some “Alleluia” pictures for a banner, Ken Johnson had information that he shared with the group on how people are out there trying to “scam seniors” and spent time getting […]

Ministry Cabinet

Trinity has 7 areas of ministry that are separate from governance committees and the council.  Each ministry has a chair person. Together, the chairs make up the Ministry Cabinet. This is an awesome group of people full of passion, questions, ideas and love for God and the work of The Church. The Ministry Cabinet met on February 12th with Ministry Staff and our new Council President, Nancy Fontneau, to talk about how things are going […]

The Making of Alleluia Banners Has Begun

Last Sunday, you may have noticed that some of the children came forward for the reading of the Gospel carrying letters that spelled “Alleluia.” Children were busy in Sunday School decorating these letters. During the sermon, children who came into the Chapel started to color fabric that has already been turned into Alleluia banners (thanks to Nina Behm for the fabric and the time she has spent creating these banners). TLC Preschool students have also […]

Finance Committee

One of the groups that works behind the scenes at Trinity is the Finance Committee. Trinity is a busy place with an equally busy budget that always needs attention. The Finance committee meets regularly to stay on top of money things, to plan and think realistically about what we have to work with. We are grateful for their commitment, love for God and this ministry and their willingness to have difficult conversations and make decisions and […]

Scott Baeder

Technology is awesome…when it works.  When it doesn’t work, we call one of our members, Scott Baeder to fix it. Recently, Scott spent hours upon hours working on our server, the network, internet and computers when things weren’t working. Most of us don’t even understand the terminology that Scott uses to describe technological issues but we know that we are grateful for his knowledge, ability and willingness to spend so much time resolving these problems […]

Chris Jackel-new at Trinity

We are so excited to have our new Office Administrator, Christine Jackel with us at Trinity. She brings with her years of experience working with Catholic Charities and a love for church and all of God’s people.  Stop in to say “hi” to Chris sometime. Thank you for being awesome and for being a part of our ministry, Chris!