Remember, First Sunday of the Month Is Food Sunday! 

Please bring your non-perishable food items to Trinity the first Sunday of each month. Your food donations go to Carty Cupboard, which provides food to those in need in the immediate area.


Thank you for helping those in need!


Carty Cupboard Food Pantry

Wesley United Methodist Church




I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You so very much for all the wonderful items and money you folks donated to Carty Cupboard Food Pantry during this year.  The 158 bags of items we received from you were greatly appreciated by our clients.


In the coming New Year, we are going to try to be more health conscience in what we pack in the bags of food we distribute to our clients.  We are going to start by eliminating the higher sodium foods.  In this effort we will be cutting back on mac & cheese, dry and canned soups and Meals in a can like pasta, stew or hash.


We are going to replace these items with minute rice, brown is best but white is fine, too.  To add a protein, we are also going to include low sodium beans like kidney, cannellini and black bean and check peas, too.  Below is a list of the items we will pack.


Thank you all again for your continued support and kindness in your giving to our mission to help those who are hungry.


Nancy J. E. Spencer of the Carty Cupboard Food Pantry




Food Items:

Cereal, cold & hot

Canned Fruit packed in juice

Jelly, in plastic containers

Low sodium vegetables


Minute rices

Low sodium beans



Personal Care Products:




Feminine Products

Diapers sizes 1-6



There is plenty of tuna, canned chicken and peanut butter from the State of Massachusetts, so these are not needed at this time.



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This Sunday

Sunday, August 20, 2017
Time after Pentecost 

Throughout history, countless stories have portrayed the foreign woman as the primary source of trouble. In the gospel reading for this coming Sunday, a foreign woman argues her case before Jesus, but in the end she is blessed. Come to hear this interesting story, and join us for mercy at the Master’s table.

Readings: (click readings to view)
Isaiah 56:1,6-8
Romans 11:1-2a,29-32
Matthew 15:[10-20],21-28
Psalm 67

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