Jesus Christ is the living and abiding Word of God. By the power of the Spirit, this very Word of God, which is Jesus Christ, is read in the Scriptures , proclaimed in preaching, announced in the forgiveness of sins, eaten and drunk in the Holy Communion, and encountered in the bodily presence of the Christian community…. God gives the Word and the sacraments to the Church and by the power of the Spirit thereby creates and sustains the Church among us… God calls the Church to exercise care and fidelity in its use of the means of grace, so that all people may hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be gathered into God’ s own mission for the life of the world .

The Use of the Means of Grace, principles 1 and 2

A Statement on the Practice of Word and Sacrament,

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


For Lutherans, worship is an ever-changing and -growing experience. Connected with and central to everything we do, worship unites us in celebration, engages us in thoughtful dialogue and helps us grow in faith. It grounds us in our Christian and Lutheran roots, while demonstrating practical relevance for today’s world.


Worship unites the people of God in one time and place with the people of God in every time and place. We use patterns, words, actions, and songs handed down through the ages to express this unity and community. Trinity Lutheran Church gathers each Sunday and Wednesday, and often on Festivals to worship the Triune God by hearing God’s word as revealed in the scriptures and receiving God’s love and forgiveness through the washing of  Holy Baptism and the meal of the Holy Eucharist.


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Sunday 8 a.m.– Holy Eucharist in Christ Chapel

The early morning gathering each Sunday typically includes less singing and a condensed liturgy.  In the summer months Christ Chapel is air conditioned.


Sunday 10 a.m.– Holy Eucharist in the Trinity Nave

Our principal gathering each week includes festive music originating from various times and places often led by the choirs of Trinity, the Noack Organ  and other instruments. At appointed times throughout the year this liturgy includes the rites of Holy Baptism, Affirmation of Baptism, as well as other celebrations of the life of the church. Following worship we gather in Jeppson Hall for coffee and fellowship.


Wednesday 6 p.m. Mid-week Worship in the Trinity Nave

At mid-week we gather in the Nave for worship, lasting about 30 minutes with singing, readings and a brief homily. This relaxed liturgy takes on different forms in different seasons. Most weeks the Holy Eucharist is celebrated, apart from the Seasons of Advent and Lent when Evening Prayer (Vespers) shapes our worship. Often during the school year the Trinity Choristers help lead the assembly in vibrant song. Summer allows for more times of quiet reflection. Candles and incense often adorn the worship space. A time of continued fellowship is included most Wednesdays. From mid-September to late May following worship we gather in Fellowship Hall for a cooked supper.