Summit Academy to begin tenure at Trinity on July 1

The Congregational Council, in a unanimous vote and after hearing only positive affirmation at the May 5 Building Use Forum, has voted to enter into a relationship with Summit Academy, Worcester for use of the ground and first floor of the Education Wing. The agreement begins July 1, 2024 and involves some of the spaces being vacated by The T.E.C. Schools when their lease expires June 30, 2024.

Summit Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit licensed therapeutic school alternative for students with autism and related diagnoses in Kindergarten through 12th grades. Total annual enrollment ranges between 20 to 35 students who have been referred to Summit from local school districts in central Massachusetts. Many of these students have experienced bullying. Summit provides a 4:1 student to staff ratio in striving to provide a safe, compassionate, and loving school experience to help these students prepare for healthy adult lives. Summit staff shared with the Council their excitement in exploring collaborations with the people of Trinity, specifically around social service and community projects.

For more information about the move, and for answers to any other questions about the use of the Trinity building, please speak with a member of the Congregational Council. Let us thank God for the ways the Holy Spirit continues to bring together God’s people in new relationships of love and service!