Thom, Anthy and Matthew-Meal Packing Organizers

BIG THANKS to Thom Tarquinio and Anthy Angelo for all of their behind the scenes work leading up to the Meal Packing event that happened on Saturday, November 9th.  Months ago, Thom and Anthy started working to fundraise and get Trinity ready for Meal Packing. They planned and organized the International Dinner in October (a fundraiser-fellowship event), made connections with local and international groups who would benefit from the meals packed, organized volunteers and made sure that everything was in place for the day of the Meal Packing event.   We love you and we are grateful for your ministry among us! Matthew Martin works for the Outreach Program, travels all around New England bringing supplies and setting up events just like ours to pack meals. Thanks to all three of these awesome people for their passion to help eradicate hunger!