Ethiopian Processional Cross

The Trinity Artwork Team invites you to notice the Ethiopian processional cross displayed next to the lectern and used during the gospel processon on Sundays.  The Artwork Team has made a conscious choice to adorn the cross with a piece of traditional Kente cloth.  Kente cloth has been used in modern times as a symbol of African identity. Historically, Ethiopian monarchs often gifted processional crosses as signs of gratitude. Our hope is that it serves as a visual reminder of our connection to our Lutheran siblings in Christ worshiping alongside us in 23 countries across Africa.  This is not the first time Trinity has used the Ethiopian cross.  Most recently, Cantor Mark used it during the virtual evening prayer sessions we held in 2020-21.

The Artwork Team was formed following congregational discussions from our “We Have a Dream” speaker series that occurred during Pastor Nathan’s sabbatical in 2023.  Our purpose is to look thoroughly at the visual and auditory art we have at Trinity and find ways to honor, celebrate and welcome persons of color through these mediums.