Awesomeness of the Week

These are the people that make Trinity work!

Finance Committee

One of the groups that works behind the scenes at Trinity is the Finance Committee. Trinity is a busy place with an equally busy budget that always needs attention. The Finance committee meets regularly to stay on top of money things, to plan and think realistically about what we have to work with. We are grateful for their commitment, love for God and this ministry and their willingness to have difficult conversations and make decisions and […]

Scott Baeder

Technology is awesome…when it works.  When it doesn’t work, we call one of our members, Scott Baeder to fix it. Recently, Scott spent hours upon hours working on our server, the network, internet and computers when things weren’t working. Most of us don’t even understand the terminology that Scott uses to describe technological issues but we know that we are grateful for his knowledge, ability and willingness to spend so much time resolving these problems […]

Chris Jackel-new at Trinity

We are so excited to have our new Office Administrator, Christine Jackel with us at Trinity. She brings with her years of experience working with Catholic Charities and a love for church and all of God’s people.  Stop in to say “hi” to Chris sometime. Thank you for being awesome and for being a part of our ministry, Chris!

Bake Sale for Breakfast

Thanks to the generosity of many people, the Bake Sale a few weeks ago made $1,119. The money will go towards Concordia Lutheran Church’s Breakfast Program ministry. The bakers were here late into Friday night and returned early on Saturday morning to resume baking.  The Bake Sale officially began on Saturday morning during the Preschool’s Family Event and ended on Sunday morning. Thank you to all who donated supplies, baked goods, came to help cook, […]

TV Ministry

For ten years, Trinity has had been blessed by an outreach ministry that happens behind the scenes..the TV Ministry. A team of people work quickly and efficiently each week to record our 10am worship services that have been aired on television and online. We are grateful for this dedicated group and their ability to produce high quality, professional videos that are viewed locally, around the country and throughout the world. What an awesome way to […]

Advent Begins with Wreaths and Cards

Last Saturday, a handful of Trinity folks showed up to decorate the interior of the Nave and the exterior of the building with wreaths in preparation for Advent. Thanks to all who helped find the decorations ahead of time and thanks to those who came to help put them up! Many hands make the work light. On Saturday and Sunday, there was a DIY Advent Wreath Station open. MANY THANKS TO NANCY HAGBERG for the […]

Dale and the Nametags

Earlier this year, Dale Mattice noticed that the nametags weren’t really being used. She offered to revamp the nametags and how they’re displayed. Thanks to Dale, we have new nametags and a display board and we think it’s awesome!  Everyone who wants a name tag has received one, including Martin Luther! Thank you, Dale for taking on another project on top of what you already do here at Trinity as a Welcome Desk volunteer and […]

TLC Christian Preschool Staff

One of Trinity’s important ministries is the TLC Christian Preschool. There is so much joy in the Preschool! What an awesome group of teachers and directors we have doing ministry alongside us! They are creative and thoughtful in their teaching, leading and programming. They love and care deeply about each and every one of the students who walks through our doors each day. We love you, Christy, Tanya, Joan, Diane, Donna and Patti.  We are […]

Spaces Cleaned, Organized and Spruced Up

Over the past few months, our Building Manager, Frank has been working closely with Judy and Carl to clean, organize, paint and spruce up a lot of the spaces at Trinity that most of us don’t see. The three of them have spent countless hours together in the basement, the attic, storage closets, the pump room and the boiler room to make those spaces more usable. They’ve thrown things away, have found new “treasures” and have […]

Thom, Anthy and Matthew-Meal Packing Organizers

BIG THANKS to Thom Tarquinio and Anthy Angelo for all of their behind the scenes work leading up to the Meal Packing event that happened on Saturday, November 9th.  Months ago, Thom and Anthy started working to fundraise and get Trinity ready for Meal Packing. They planned and organized the International Dinner in October (a fundraiser-fellowship event), made connections with local and international groups who would benefit from the meals packed, organized volunteers and made […]