Awesomeness of the Week

These are the people that make Trinity work!

Anna Circle

One of the fellowship opportunities that exists at Trinity are the “Circles.”  The Anna Circle meets monthly for fellowship, reflection and refreshments. They spend time with one another, get to know one another’s stories and most importantly, they care for each other. We are grateful for this group of women who love The Church and one another!

Kids Express and Teen LOGOS at Concordia Lutheran

On Friday nights during the school year, Concordia Lutheran Church hosts Kids Express and Teen LOGOS, ministries for children and teens from the church and neighborhood.  Trinity (and other churches) take turns providing the meal for the staff, volunteers and participants. This past Friday night was the first of Trinity’s opportunities to serve.  We are grateful for Mary Olson and Katherine Duffy who have been faithfully doing this work on behalf of Trinity for several […]

Hospitality and Funerals

Whenever there’s a funeral at Trinity, a group of volunteers shows up to make sure that the family of the deceased is comfortable and that people are greeted and made to feel welcome. Others come to assist and serve during the funeral service while others are here to help set up Jeppson Hall if there is a collation (light meal). They work with caterers to ensure that everything is ready to serve and they stay […]

Ken Johnson

Ken is one of many Trinity members who is always in the background, getting things done here.  But, he also spends a lot of time working with one of Habitat for Humanity’s programs called “Operation Playhouse” to help build playhouses for military families.  Most recently, Ken was spotted at a WAMS Works event here in Worcester building a playhouse to give to a Coast Guard Family. We appreciate all the ways that Ken serves at […]

The painting project is complete

The painting of the exterior walls of Jeppson Hall and the Education Wing has been recently finished and it looks great!  The interesting part of this project is that it involves faithful people who are no longer with us.  We give thanks for the generosity of those who have died and remembered Trinity in their estate planning and wills and left bequests to Trinity.  Those monies helped fund the House of the Lord and the […]

Giving Thanks for Mindee & Mary – Awesomeness of the Week!

There were two, mid-week celebrations at Trinity the week of August 18. We celebrated the 15 years of service that Mindee has given to Trinity. Mindee comes to Trinity every week to help out in the office. She is always positive, helpful, kind and excited to meet people and she is really good at paying attention to detail and remembering things.  It’s hard not to smile when you meet Mindee when she greets you with […]

The Preschool’s Pickle Jar

Each week when the TLC Preschoolers gather for chapel, they bring coins with them to fill the Pickle Jar. The coins are dropped in one by one and it’s fun to shake the jar and hear the noise that all the coins make!  It’s called the “Pickle Jar” because the money collected is used to help someone who’s “in a pickle.” They most recently donated a full pickle jar’s worth of money to the Interfaith […]

Scones for School A Community oriented ministry

                                       Last weekend,  some of the Tabitha Circle and others from Trinity, led by Lori Doyle, made and sold scones for the annual “Scones for School” to assist Concordia Lutheran Church in Worcester in providing backpacks and school supplies for students.  Lori had the great idea to combine the scones sale with the farmstand that sets up each […]

Winter Basketball League Organizers

Jake Schur and Ellie Gilmore Winter Basketball League Organizers Jake Schur is a Trinity member. Ellie Gilmore is a community organizer from Worcester Common Ground (a Community Development Corporation). Together, Jake and Ellie worked together to make the 2019 Winter Basketball League come together. From communicating with all the players and their families, coordinating coaches and referees, practice times, Saturday morning games and breakfast and even starting a pickup basketball game on Thursday nights for […]

An awesome week in DC with the youth!

Holy smokes…what an awesome week it was in DC with the youth!     22 youth (8 of them from Trinity) spent a week together laughing, learning and listening.  There were so many good memories made on the trip but one thing that stands out is the boldness of our youth.  A new element for this year’s mission trip was education, learning about advocacy.  The ELCA Advocacy office came to us to talk to us […]