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The Complete Bach project and Trinity Church

Music Worcester has announced a new project: THE COMPLETE BACH. In 11 years, during 12 concerts each year, ALL of the works of J. S. Bach will be presented live in various venues around Worcester, including Trinity Lutheran Church. Dr. Chris Shepard explains this project in a video recorded in the nave of Trinity Church to help spread the news about the project. We invite you to watch the film for more information about the […]

Ethiopian Processional Cross

The Trinity Artwork Team invites you to notice the Ethiopian processional cross displayed next to the lectern and used during the gospel processon on Sundays.  The Artwork Team has made a conscious choice to adorn the cross with a piece of traditional Kente cloth.  Kente cloth has been used in modern times as a symbol of African identity. Historically, Ethiopian monarchs often gifted processional crosses as signs of gratitude. Our hope is that it serves […]

Clothing Collection Shed in Parking Lot

We invite you to consider making donations to the Clothing Collection Shed in the Trinity parking lot next to the playground. The shed is managed by St. Pauly Textile Inc. Trinity will receive 4 cents for every pound of clothes collected which will be paid to us monthly.  The items collected in the shed will NOT be recycled but WILL BE distributed to people and organizations all over the world. Please only donate items that […]